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Oh, and your internal Mr. Sulu? Also gay.

ckd wrote: Oh, and your internal Mr. Sulu? Also gay.

I should say so. The man raised flowers in his stateroom, even!

Has someone compiled a list somewhere of what is really all about what? I remember being told that horror movies are all about oppressing women, and that "The Cold Equations" is all about rape, but there are others I've forgotten I'm sure.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is about the politics of bimetallism in the 1890s, and "Last Train To Clarksville" is about the draft and the Vietnam War.

Thanks for reminding me about Oz. I hadn't heard the Clarksville one, thanks again.

ckd wrote: Oh, and your internal Mr. Sulu? Also gay.

captain_button replied: I should say so. The man raised flowers in his stateroom, even!

And he brandished a mean sword.

Thanks, John. Now I've got "It's Raining Men" stuck in my head again. It took nearly a week to vacate last time I watched that video.



Watch out, John. The Rand-ites are a dangerous lot, they might bash you in the head with their T-squares.

that to manage to get to the age of 25 without actually learning something is a cultural goal for our country. Doesn't matter what color you are.

Once you've done that, if you're white, you're eligible to join the "Good 'ole Boys Club," which historically, led to prestigious positions in middle-management in large corporations, or state government. If you're anything else, you wind up in a position of authority in a ghetto. However, if you don't survive to become one of the uneducated masses, and instead pay attention throughout what passes as an education system, you wind up learning skills such as speach, and vocabulary.

Which automatically brands you as "one-of-them."


My friend Matt Feeney from high school had an older brother who was gay but didn't come right out and say it. I don't know whether or not he liked action films or surfing.

I guess I just wanted to comment without having anything to say. It's been that kind of day.

"You don't need to drag all of Western philosophy into the discussion, when the present heterosexual male abdication of anything more culturally, emotionally and intellectually resonant than "Dick in a Box" works just as well."

Scalzi, you glorious bastard! That may be the best sentence you've ever written. Although I haven't read "The Last Colony", yet, so...you never know. :)

Perhaps it's the Rand-ites who are conspiring to implode your technology.

And T-Squares? Completely gay.

Yanno, I've seen Keanu fans go to some pretty extreme lengths (dirty!) to defend his heterosexuality, but this is a new one.

Explored to some extent in Hot Fuzz, and much hilarity ensued. Have you seen it?


A few weeks ago, the300/'It's Raining Men' clip inspired me to write a not entirely dissimilar piece on homoerotic subtext in a hypothetical faithful-to-the-novel film adaptation of Heinlein's Starship Troopers, here

And here was the cast

All computer related stuff has been deemed Gay by way of Alan Turing. 'Leet speak, WoW, and XBox360 all fall under his gay umbrella. Gay inventions.
Apple is also gay. Not only is it stylish (gay) but it's all the fallout of a failed love-affair between Jobs and Woz.

And considering how much Rand was a flaming misogynist...

300 such men, fighting Persians in jock straps and capes? Super-Mega-Ultra Gay!

Well, you know, technically speaking and all, the Spartans were actually gay.

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