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Because Apparently Today is "All of John Scalzi's Technology Implodes Day"...
My AOL Journal is also currently down.

It's a conspiracy, is what this is.


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Too many jabs at the Bush Administration, maybe? (I'm not saying they weren't well-deserved jabs, just putting forth an outside possibility. *grin*)

I think it's being run by Six Apart, because they want you to post in your LiveJournal more...

Or it was Jimmy Hoffa and Fidel Castro on the Grassy Knoll.

Well, but I'm using movable type on Whatever, which is Six Apart, too!

Hoffa and Castro it is, then!

Or the Freemasons...

At least your new mp3 player hasn't exploded yet...

Well, duh, who do you think is running the conspiracy? You don't think this is a coincidence, do you?

If it was a conspiracy, I'd be worrying about Dayton myself.

Weird, I can get to your AOL just fine. Don't see anything new though. I know you're probably wicked schmart and have already tried it, but could it be your ISP or actual computer?

I'm quite sure it's a Canadian Conspiracy, spearheaded by Robert Sawyer.

Freemasons. I'm with hughcasey on it being Freemasons. Having to spend my childhood attending Masonically related functions should at least get me a cool conspiracy to associate with. I'm just saying...

It's the Internet Purity Patrol, come to take down you NC-17 rated Corrupters of Youth.

I'm sure it has something to do with your opinions of the new Creationism Museum...you obviously pissed off the Big Cheese...

Is it a conspiracy or some targeted Denial of Use campaign by an irate fan?

No, it's just a balky database. I can access the site just fine.

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