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Scalzi.com access issues, 6/15/08
On 6/15/08, there are access problems with Scalzi.com, relating to the fact that my host provider (1and1.com) is being blocked by a number of ISPs for not particularly good reason as far as I can see. Which is to say that the site is up, you just might not be able to get to it from your ISP. Who knows how long this tomfoolery will last.

Edit: Cleared up now.

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you're the third person recently i've heard of having problems with 1and1. does this at all relate to the hackers constantly attacking?

Dear Mr. Scalzi,

This morning someone broke into the house where the current Clarion West class is staying and attending class and stole four laptops. More information is here: http://albionidaho.livejournal.com/

Would you mind please posting this information on your blog and spreading the word?

Thank you so much.


Maggie Lance, Clarion West student 2008

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