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Scalzi.com having database issues
The header says it all. I'm trying to fix things; in the meantime I'll be posting here if I need to.

Feel free to leave a comment.

Update, 11:30am: Maybe this has something to do with it: 13,363 junk comments in the 24 hours before the database broke.

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Thank Zarquon! For a moment I thought I was banned. That would have made my life so sad.

Although that means that your life is chaotic at the moment. Sorry about that, John.

Eh. It's not chaotic. It's just annoying.

Every writer needs some distractions from the work. Otherwise they become too productive ;) j/k

Ouch. That sounds like a likelihood. Man, that sucks.

Great Googa-Mooga! That sucks. Well, you got a shovel to clean all that out? maybe your father -in-law can use his tractor?

Ouchie. Damn spammers.

You know, my site got hit awfully hard with spam last night too. :( I woke up to over a hundred and for me, that's a ton. Hey I've only been writing on my blog for 6 months, I don't expect spammers to like me that much yet.

Wow. People with pictures! O.O

(normally MWT)

Should've used PostgreSQL. ;)

Hmm... a lot of places are having troubles. Baen's Universe had a server crash. Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show was down, I heard, possibly by evil hackers.

Something out there doesn't like SF -- and on the web that's disheartening.

Dr. Phil

In my case it's nothing sinister -- just a full database.

If you decide to go back to MT, I recommend the Spam Firewall plugin: http://mt-hacks.com/spamfirewall.html

It bounces the most comment spam before it even hits MT, so it doesn't load the server or fill up the database.

Good luck getting it back up in whatever form you choose.

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