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Whatever Back But On Hiatus
So, I reinstalled MT4 on my site (after uninstalling it and the previous MT installs as well), and it appears to be a great deal more stable than the previous install. So that's good.

However, I've also decided that right now is a good time for me to take a break from Whatever for a couple of weeks. To be blunt about it, I'm feeling a little burned out, which is not a good thing when I'm working on a novel and re-editing my astronomy book. Every now and again the Whatever feels less like fun and more like an obligation, and this is one of those times. That's when it's smart for me to stop and take a vacation from it: Not too long, but long enough that I can take care of some other business and also not worry if I should be posting about some damn thing or another over there.

I used to take a month or two off from the Whatever on a regular basis, but I haven't done it in the last couple of years primarily because the readership has increased so much over there, and I've gotten caught up a bit in continuing to grow those numbers, which means constant tending. However, at a certain point it becomes silly, and I just need to take some time off. If some portion of the readership wanders off permanently because I've taken a two-week break, well, that's fine. There's only so much dancing monkey I have in my system, anyway. But I don't think two weeks is long enough for people to forget. They'll remember when I pop back up on their RSS feeds anyway.

In any event -- officially on Whatever hiatus... now.

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No shame in taking time to make a living. I am sure we will survive and just think how much more ravenous we will be for your nuggets of wisdom :-)

Let the kiddo run rampant on the Whatever for a couple days a week. That'll keep your readership happy.

Just remember to edit her content:

"Oh no, Dad doesn't shower when he's deep into writing... did you know my Dad mumbles obsceneties in his sleep?"

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